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Created by: Anonymous
2 days


Zvao je moje maloletno dete
Created by: Anonymous
1 months


This number called and claimed to be the department of immigration. I highly doubt that the department of immigration would use a mobile phone. I knew it was a scam from the poorly worded message. Do
Created by: Anonymous
3 months


I need the location of this Number it's harrasing me
Created by: Anonymous
4 months


If you don't know what to say to me stop calling me . Because you can not hang up the phone on me.you are just a consultant you must do what they are paying you to do .
Created by: Bryce
4 months


This number send sms to say your device is offline and the vehicle is moved. 27 662842370
Created by: Anonymous
5 months


Who is calling me on this number?
Created by: Anonymous
6 months


Who is the owner of this number?
Created by: Anonymous
7 months


The caller claims he was working at Vodacom meanwhile he was a phone hacker